6 Benefits of Getting a Hollywood Smile

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The ‘Hollywood smile’ is associated with those perfect pearly whites flashed by celebrities. We see them planted all over magazines and TV – and it doesn’t take us long to realise that a sparkling set of pearly whites are often the secret behind a winning smile, not to mention those Hollywood good looks. Getting the perfect smile doesn’t just stop there thoug
h. Reducing gaps between teeth, encouraging whiter and brighter smiles and other dazzling differences all contribute to giving you that Hollywood beam.

But why does everyone want one? The benefits of a Hollywood smile go deeper than just the physical appearance. Your teeth are a sign of health and genetic quality – the better your teeth are, the healthier you look and feel. There’s no denying that most people want whiter teeth and a brighter, more stunning smile. And with celebrities undergoing cosmetic treatments to enhance theirs, it’s hard to determine what procedures and products will really give you that award-winning smile. Here’s the top benefits of a Hollywood smile and how you can go about making it happen:

1. Perfectly Straight Teeth

Perfectly straight teeth are one of the key factors to contributing to a beautiful smile. Teeth that are straight and well-aligned are almost always seen in that Hollywood smile and they don’t necessarily have to be corrected with braces either. Fixed retained and teeth straightening appliances which correct jaw imperfections can help in transforming crooked teeth and changes the direction of the jaw development to correct the bite. This is usually an important part of achieving perfectly straight teeth. Crooked teeth can lead to overcrowding in the mouth and can also be fixed with palatal exp
anders, depending on how badly crooked they are.

2. Get that White Smile

Want to flash those pearly whites just like the Hollywood stars? Regular dental care is essential to maintaining healthy white teeth over time, so it pays to visit the dentist at least twice a year. If you are considering professional teeth whitening, it’s crucial you visit a qualified and registered dentist. Using at-home treatments like whitening gel is fine too – but make sure you purchase the gel from your dentist rather online. Online gels can break down the tooth with harmful acids.

Whiter, brighter teeth can be effective in boosting one’s confidence. They also project great oral health and can help to minimise the look of wrinkles by shifting the focus to a dazzling smile. One of the biggest benefits of getting a whiter smile is that the procedures and treatments involved don’t break the bank. You can make a huge update to your look with teeth whitening without the hefty price tag.

3. Utilise Dental Veneers

Porcelain dental veneers can play a huge role in achieving that Hollywood smile. These are designed to fit with your teeth and specific needs and fix a range of problems including discolouration, gaps, minor misalignment and chips in your teeth.  Many people looking to correct multiple teeth flaws or reach that Hollywood smile relatively quickly can utilise dental veneers through a reputable dentist. When fitted properly, dental veneers can give you 10-15 years of service and offer natural looking results.

It’s essential when undergoing such dentist procedures like veneers you stick within Australia. The dangers of dental tourism are very real and whilst attractive with cheaper prices, local dentistry work ensures you’re taking advantage of quality products with the best, most effective care.

4. No Gaps with No Pain

Even some of the hottest Hollywood stars have gaps in their teeth, but they will usually try and do everything to minimise and hide them. Gaps between teeth are more common than you realise. Little gaps can be acceptable but bigger gaps tend to be unsightly and can contribute to poor self-esteem. To reduce the gap (usually between the two front teeth), procedures are painless and easy. Dental veneers can be used to help close the gaps too and patients can find effective results fast.

5. Boost Your Smile

If you want to enhance your overall smile, undergoing a smile makeover can give many patients the Hollywood beam. Restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually the best way to improve your smile and work on boosting the aesthetic appeal of your teeth and jaw structure. Minor teeth restorations can be fixed with composite bonding and offers patients an affordable option. Gum contouring can be ideal for misshaped gums, whilst dental crowns are best for smiles that suffer from missing and broken teeth.

6. Increased Health Benefits

Aside from the aesthetically pleasing benefits of achieving a Hollywood smile, dental procedures and care are effective in contributing to your overall health. Reviewing diet, oral health products and adding supplements to your regime help maintain healthy teeth. Teeth that are well looked after can help prevent other health problems like diabetes, heart disease, dementia and lung conditions – all which can be triggered by the bacteria within your mouth.

If you’re looking for ways to achieve that Hollywood smile, get in touch with Oceanic Dental today to find out how our Nu Smile packages can help.