6 Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

June 21, 2019

Cosmetic dentistry procedures refer to all dental work completed to improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth and to benefit their oral health. There’s a range of procedures that can be conducted and the choice of the most suitable one depends on the type of dental issue at hand. However, these seemingly aesthetic problems actually […]

Digital Impressions vs. Analogue Impressions

March 29, 2019
2D 3D smile design software.

Submit a case   Which Benefits Prevail? When Francois Duret introduced CAD/CAM processes in the early 1970s, it was evident that the face of the dental industry was about to go through a digital transformation. Today, traditional, labour-intensive laboratory methods are exchanged for more innovative and advanced techniques intended to improve the process of diagnostics […]

Benefits and Reasons to Do a Diagnostic Wax-up

February 28, 2019

Submit a case   With the growing popularity of digital dentistry and advanced dental treatments, slowly but surely a diagnostic wax-up became the foundation of every treatment plan. It effectively establishes the proposed outcome of both function and esthetics, as such bettering the performance of restorative and surgical procedures. However, there are some who are […]

Types of Computer-based Technologies in Dentistry and Their Applications

February 21, 2019

Submit a case   In the past decade, dentistry has benefited greatly from technological advancements. Namely, computer-based technologies that make dentistry jobs easier, more thorough, and more accurate. Another advantage is that, now, there are fewer problems that cannot be solved. Overall, technology has completely revolutionised the way we work in dentistry and has given […]

The Link Between Dental Issues and Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Effective Treatment Methods

December 29, 2018

According to SNORE Australia, close to 10% of all women and 25% of Australian men are diagnosed with a clinically significant obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), with additional 4% of people struggling with symptomatic OSA, a partial or complete stoppage of airflow during sleep. The most common symptoms include everything from snoring, episodes of choking, gasping […]

5 Signs That You Should Look for a New Dental Lab

November 30, 2018

In recent years, we have witnessed a growth of the global dental laboratories market. What affected this trend was an increase in the geriatric population, dental tourism in emerging markets, and outsourcing fabrication of prosthetics and restorative products to dental labs. At this point, partnering with a dental laboratory is not just a necessity, but […]

How Dentures Can Restore Functionality and Improve Aesthetics

October 19, 2018

Submit a case   How Dentures Can Restore Functionality and Improve Aesthetics When people turn to their orthodontists to improve the aesthetic aspect of their teeth, more often than not they are presented with several dental procedures to choose from. Ultimately, they opt for the one that results in the highest level of functionality.    […]

How to Choose the Best Dental Lab to be Your Partner

August 23, 2018

In recent years, the popularity of orthodontic treatments has been rising at a steady pace. Out of all procedures, dental crowns, veneers, implants, and bridges are at the very top of the list of the most commonly performed dental cosmetic procedures. Considering this growing trend in the dental industry, it is imperative for dental practices […]

Orthodontic Treatment vs. Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures: Pros and Cons

August 6, 2018

Not many are born with a picture-perfect Hollywood smile. But all of us want one, don’t we? With advanced aesthetic solutions at our disposal, the majority decide to turn to dental professionals to correct our minor or greater imperfections. While lying in a dental chair, we are offered a variety of options to correct these […]

Bridging the dental labs and dentist

July 28, 2018

Dental labs play an important part in the workflow of any dentist and is required for quality products for the patients. Practical experience is gained in work placement laboratories where students produce appliances for patient treatments with minimal contact with clinics or dentists. There seems to be little provision to integrate education with dental undergraduates. […]

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