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Digital Dental Rebate

To support our partnering dentists that are looking at purchasing or have purchased an intra oral scanner, we have implimented an exclusive customer rebate program.

This is designed to help you, get the most from your intraoral scanner. We know that equipment loans can be burdensome, so let us help.

To begin benefiting from this rebate offer,. all you need is an account with Oceanic Dental Laboratory. If you don’t have one, our friendly staff can assist by setting one up for you.

For more information on how to set up your account and to ensure you benefit from this rebate, contact us on 1300 792 990.

SPEND $2,000 SPEND $4,000 SPEND $6,000 SPEND $8,000
REBATE $200 REBATE $420 REBATE $690 REBATE $1,000