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Implant Direct Package

Implant Package

The Implant package is a comprehensive kit that has been collaboratively developed by Oceanic Dental Laboratory and Implant Direct. Our aim is to innovate and improve the process involved in dental implant procedures.

Implant Packages
With Oceanic
Dental Laboratory & Implant Direct

This unique implant package includes all essential components required for a dental implant, ensuring that our dentists have everything they need to successfully complete an implant procedure from start to finish.


What’s in the implant package:

Titanium Base
Scan Flag / Impression Coping
Healing Abutment
Surgical Guide (Optional)

Implant Package Pricing:

Implant Package Information

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Does the Package include Shipping?

Shipping and handling is excluded, please see our standard price list.

Am I eligible for the digital rebate?
Our digital rebate is not a part of this exclusive offer

Is guided surgery included in the offer?
Surgical Guides can be added into your package for an extra $299 + $100 per additional implant site.

What materials can my restoration be made from?
Implant Direct Componentry and your choice of porcelain fused to Zirconia, or Full Monolithic Zirconia.

Is the 15 pack your largest?
We also have 30 and 50 packs. Please contact us to arrange larger packages.