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Reduce your treatment costs with Oceanic Dental Laboratory

Oceanic Dental is a ‘high value’ dental laboratory, owned and operated by Australian qualified dental technicians. Our mission is to empower both patients and dentists with access to affordable dental healthcare by helping combat the health fund gap for patients and the high costs associated with running a dental practice for dentists.

We fabricate a large range of dental work for dentists including:

  • crowns and bridgework
  • full and partial dentures
  • dental implants
  • splints
  • mouthguards, retainers and bleaching trays

Our value range products are fabricated in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Shenzhen, China, and are then subjected to stringent quality control by our experienced Australian dental technicians.

How do I ensure my dentist is choosing an Oceanic Dental product for my dental healthcare?

Oceanic Dental is able to work with all dentists across Australia.

Next time you are discussing your dental treatment needs with your dentist, ask them about choosing Oceanic Dental to fabricate your dental work as a way of reducing the cost of your overall treatment.

Why do Oceanic Dental crowns cost less to make?

Oceanic Dental fabricates its laboratory products in a low cost jurisdiction and as a consequence our business enjoys lower production costs whilst maintaining the highest quality.

Due to our high volume, systems and processes driven operation with a large Australia-wide client base we are able to invest in the latest Computer Aided Design & Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) techniques which significantly drives down the costs of producing high quality crowns and other laboratory work.

We are a very large consumer of dental materials and through this scale, are able to negotiate some of the lowest dental material rates available which drives our costs down further.

We are technology driven, and are always looking at new ways of streamlining our business and driving efficiency and productivity

We are able to support dentists with lower cost laboratory services, who can in turn reduce their own business overheads and pass a saving onto the patient, which in many cases may represent a significant proportion of the health fund gap associated with the specific dental treatment.

Are Oceanic Dental crowns made from the same materials as local providers?

For the majority of cases, Oceanic Dental uses exactly the same fabrication materials as local dental laboratories. By using high quality materials, Oceanic Dental is able to maximise product performance.

Below is a supply chain chart illustrating where we source our fabrication materials.


Corporate Video

Quality Assurances

  • Our fabrication facility in Shenzhen is ISO13485:2003 accredited with all fabrication materials and manufacturing processes either meeting, or exceeding European standards.
  • All equipment used by Oceanic Dental is provided by recognized international leaders in the dental supply industry.
  • We use the latest CAD/CAM technology for planning and processing of commissioned dental cases.
  • Oceanic Dental is compliant within the ADA Guidelines, all materials are registered with the TGA and we are an insured service provider with Berkley Insurance Australia.