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Chrome Castings


We fabricate chrome castings from a combination of traditional and digital techniques, depending on the application required. Utilising refractory model techniques to manufacture full frames of any design and specification. Small chrome parts and add on clasps we manufacture using our 3D printed metal additive technology, this is the same process we use to manufacture our CoCr metal crown and bridge frames.

We standby our processes to ensure consistently high quality parts are manufactured for each case submitted to our laboratory. A number of smaller denture laboratories around Australia are utilising our services to manufacture chrome parts for them, as it can be a particularly challenging laboratory process.

All of our chrome parts come backed with manufacturing warranties to ensure piece of mind. We have ten dedicated chrome technicians who are highly specialised in this field of laboratory, so for any specific requirements please reach out.

  • BEGO Wirobond 280C, Argenco 52 alloy options,
  • Attachments available to integrate with implant fixtures,
  • Retentive frameworks for partial denture implants solutions,
  • Customisable with attachments where required,
  • Customisable with Ivoclar denture teeth,
  • Cold Cured Vertex Acrylic supported by a metal structure,
  • Valplast® material supported by a metal structure