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An ideal smile is undoubtedly one of the most widely desired patient requests at the dental office. Malpositioned teeth is a common complaint and can be a contributor to dental disease and self-esteem issues.

A recently published study in Australasian Orthodontic journal has found the most common presenting patient concern is crowding of teeth (37.6%), followed by a desire for improved aesthetics (21.3%) amounting to nearly 60% of the patients wanting an ideal smile.

In recent times, it’s noteworthy that almost one-third of patients seeking orthodontic treatments are adults, with a higher proportion of women taking an interest in Clear Aligner therapy.


Yes, Clear aligner therapy can be an ideal treatment option for many patients looking to correct their smiles.

A few things should be considered when recommending this treatment option:

  • patient’s requirements for aesthetic treatment options
  • the patient’s dental anatomy
  • any contraindications such as active dental disease

Fixed orthodontic treatment or Dental Braces has been the conventional way of correcting dental malocclusion. However, with the recent change in patient demographics, there has been a significant increase in demand for appliances that are both more aesthetic and more comfortable than conventional fixed appliances.

As Clear Aligner therapy is removable, the dental aligner must wear the appliance for at least 22 hours per day and only remove it for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing, and some sports. Patient adherence is essential for the desired treatment results.


Clear Aligner therapy consists of a range of removable plastic dental appliances that gently push teeth in the desired directions to achieve a harmonious dental occlusion.

Kesling in 1946, introduced the concept of clear orthodontic appliances to move malaligned teeth. In 1998, Align Technology, Inc. released Invisalign® which was followed by a list of similar devices by Orthoclear®, ClearCorrect®, SmileDirectClub® broadly based on same basic principles.

An appliance may cover many or all of the teeth, but from that common point, there are major and significant differences that affect the ability of any given aligner system to treat a wide range of orthodontic problems.

An Orthodontist can utilise clear aligner therapy to complete the treatment in potentially shorter time frames for many patients. A Pedodontist might incorporate clear aligner techniques in the preventive and interceptive treatment of children with malocclusion.

Whereas a General Dentist with the required training and competencies can use it in the treatment of simple malocclusions, utilise segmented movement of teeth by Clear aligners as part of a broader treatment plan in a multidisciplinary approach which is highly predictable.

Apart from the above indications research demonstrates the incorporation of clear aligners in practice ensuing

Fewer clinical emergencies


Our dental laboratory with our State-of-Art-technology, encompassing:

  • Digital Dentistry,
  • Efficient workflows
  • CAD/CAM,
  • Highly skilled technicians,
  • Timely service

Providing equally effective and more affordable solutions clubbed with a streamlined service can result in a successful Clear Aligner therapy helping you, the dental professional, to achieve their goal of an ideal smile in the patient.

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