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Hybrid Dentures

Hybrid denture represents a ‘hybrid’ dental solution that is a cross between a regular denture and a fixed bridge. They are a perfect solution for patients who need to replace the entire row of teeth, and can also replace the missing gum tissue. Hybrid dentures are extremely stable, as they fuse to the jaw via implant placement. Our All on X hybrid denture can be customised with different specifications, from PEEK or titanium frames, emax or zirconia crowns and acrylic. These options allow for different strength requirements, as well as weight and repairability.

What differentiates hybrid dentures from regular dentures is the fact that the latter solution does not include implants. Hybrid dentures are secure and will remain in place while you speak or eat. Our hybrid implant denture are designed to be easy cleaning.

At Oceanic Dental Laboratory, we fabricate our hybrid implant denture from first-class materials. Our material partners are known world-wide for the quality of their materials. We guarantee effective and long-term results.

We are also committed to delivering affordable solutions, and with our zirconia hybrid implant dentures, our partners will also be able to offer a cost-effective solution to their patients. Since only 4 or more implants are used for hybrid dentures, a dentist can charge the surgery less than they would many individual dental implants. Also, as hybrid dentures do not have to be removed at night to be specially cleaned, the patient will save more money in the long run, cutting the costs of denture cleaners, pastes and adhesives.


Hybrid dentures are growing in popularity, and some of their most notable benefits include:

  • Adequate in cases when there is a great bone loss in the jaw.
  • Stable, secure and comfortable dental solution.
  • Easy to maintain as hybrid dentures do not have to be taken out.
  • Feel and look completely natural, perfectly blending with the remaining teeth.

We use state-of-the-art equipment and the best dental materials from recognised industry leaders so that we can guarantee quality.

We are widely-praised for the seamless communication that we established with all of our dental partners. Especially when it comes to creating zirconia hybrid dentures, we highlight how important it is to fill in the slip with all essential information about the patient and their oral health. We use this data to fabricate adequate hybrid implant dentures that will fit the patient’s jaw perfectly. Our aim is to help you minimise the chair time and deliver utmost comfort and functionality for the patient.

Contact Oceanic Dental Laboratory for more information about our zirconia hybrid implant dentures and their benefits. We are happy to discuss your specific request and create hybrid dentures that best meet your patient’s needs.

Contact Oceanic Dental Laboratory to discuss your requirements for hybrid dentures.