Implant Retained Restorations

Full Dental Restoration

Every patient is different and comes with a dental issue specific to their case. When they require full dental reconstruction, the dentist has to deliver a custom-made solution that will look as natural as possible. Oceanic Dental Lab’s implants are tailored to suit the requirements presented in each case. We utilise only the best materials from the industry’s most reputable names, like Bego’s materials that are suitable for a range of fixed restorative options. We are confident in the quality of our work and can guarantee a high degree of confidence as we utilise biocompatible materials and titanium bases that come with a lifetime warranty. 

Our dental laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art dental technology we use to create products that will deliver the best solutions for patients who require full dental reconstruction. All implant cases are designed after a diagnostic wax-up has been produced to capture desired emergence, tissue pressure, and abutment design. 

Oceanic Dental Laboratory supports the majority of implant platforms sold in Australia with both Genuine and non-genuine options. We offer a variety of bridge pontic options as well as tissue compression options depending on how you want to manage the soft tissue at insert. Make sure to fill out our laboratory slip regarding your preferences so we may maintain them for future cases and ensure desirable and reliable outcomes for these preferences.

A life-time warranty on all implant componentry and 5 years on the framework is assured.

Screw-Retained Restorations

Screw-retained restorations are screwed onto a screw-retained abutment that is positioned on the implant, or directly on the implant. They are one of the most secure and easy ways to maintain a full prosthetic replacement. The materials we use for screw-retained full dental restorations are:

  • PFM (titanium base)
  • Zirconia (titanium base)
  • Full Metal Crown (titanium base)
  • emax® (titanium base)
  • Gold Adapt (cast on abutment)
  • All on 4

Cement-Retained Restorations

Cement-retained restorations are a more traditional method of full dental replacement where a crown or a bridge is attached to an implant-retained abutment. To create this type of restorations, Oceanic Dental Lab uses:

  • PFM (custom made abutment)
  • Zirconia (custom made abutment)
  • Full Metal Crown (custom made abutment)
  • emax® (custom made abutment)

For large span implant bridges, Oceanic Dental Laboratory requires that a verification jig is made to ensure the implant model is accurate. This verification jig will also be used to record an accurate bite over for the setup stage of the restoration. A setup is recommended to ensure the right aesthetic requirements can be achieved prior to the final restoration being produced.

To discuss options for Implant Retained Restorations, feel free to contact us. We are widely praised for our communication skills. Our dental technicians will ensure that we get all the necessary information from you in order to create an adequate full dental restoration product that will meet your patients’ needs. Oceanic Dental Lab prides itself in its turnaround times, so don’t hesitate to contact us right away. We have the equipment and the skills required to deliver quality dental solutions.