Occlusal Splint


Occlusal splints are also known as occlusal guards, night guards or bite plates.  They are used for a number of dental treatments such as bruxism, protecting a patient’s dentition or preserving a new dental restoration or after orthodontic work. They also protect the teeth by preventing the patient from wearing their teeth down during sleep through grinding and clenching.  It’s important that the patient can wear the guard for prolonged periods with comfort and ease.

At Oceanic Dental Lab we specialise in the manufacture of Talon Occlusal Splints.  We have chosen this particular type of splint as out preferred because we believe it’s the best on the market for many reasons.  The Talon Occlusal Splint is made from soft thermoplastic, creating a flexible fit for patient comfort.  Talon occlusal splints are different to other occlusal splints as the thermoplastic will retain its shape and flexibility for years.

The Talon Occlusal Splint has many benefits:

  • It is the best splint on the market for patient comfort, retention and service life
  • Ease of insertion and removal
  • Optimum retention
  • Greatest comfort with the absence of tissue pressure
  • Minimal chairside adjustment necessary
  • Bonded hard acrylic for the best bruxing durability
  • Has memory and does not warp

We also supply other high quality occlusal splints such as:

  • Orthcryll Hard Splints
  • Michigan Splint
  • NTI Splints
  • Gelb Splints

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