Orthodontic Appliances and Retainers

Treatment of Teeth Misalignment

Orthodontic appliances and retainers are among the most commonly used solutions for the treatment of teeth misalignment and any other aesthetic irregularities of the teeth. To provide the patient with the best dental solution for their specific issue, an orthodontist will collaborate with a dental laboratory to diagnose the patient and come up with the best treatment method.  

Depending on the specifics of a case, different types of orthodontic appliances can be prescribed. Our years of experience have taught us that there is no one universal solution and each patient requires a specially-designed orthodontic appliance design that will deliver the most optimal results and provide the highest level of comfort. 

At Oceanic Dental Lab, customisable orthodontic appliances are available to any specification. Please leave detailed instructions on the laboratory design pad for individual requests. We are renowned for the seamless communication we establish with our partnering dental practices and strive to deliver the highest quality product in the least amount of time. 

Types of Orthodontic Appliances we offer at Oceanic Dental Lab

Oceanic Dental Laboratory operates with cutting-edge dental equipment to ensure accurate diagnosis and delivery of proper orthodontic retainer. Our technicians utilise CAD/CAM technology to plan and process commissioned dental cases.  Oceanic Dental Lab also collaborates with the most reputable industry names to be certain that the materials and tools we use for orthodontic retainer cases and different types of orthodontic appliances are reliable. 

Below are some of the types of orthodontic retainers that we design. For more information about our services and dental orthodontic appliance design, feel free to contact us

Hawley Retainer

The standard Hawley design includes a Labial wire arch with adjustment loops at the canines and Adams clasp on the first molars

  • A popular and proven orthodontic retainer
  • Can be adjusted to complete treatment
  • Minor tooth movement achievable

The standard Begg design includes a labial wire arch with adjustment loops at the canines and then closely contoured to the second molars.

  • For post Orthodontic treatment
  • Minor tooth movement achievable
  • Very similar to the Hawley Retainer
Fixed Lingual Retainer

The standard fixed lingual retainer is made from a braided wire and is custom made to give a precise fitting surface along the lingual surface, canine to canine.

  • Patient comfort
  • Prevents inadvertent tooth movement
  • Semi – permanent restoration

In order to facilitate patient recovery and treatment, orthodontic retainer cases have to be carefully designed in line with the patient’s needs and jawline to deliver the highest degree of efficiency. Furthermore, since the patient will be required to use the orthodontic retainer long-term, it is of primary importance to create and orthodontic appliance design that will fit their mouth perfectly. Oceanic Dental Laboratory boasts years of experience and a rich portfolio of satisfied partners who, thanks to us, have a multitude of satisfied patients with perfectly aligned teeth to add to their portfolios.