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Overdentures can be complete or partial dentures attached to or placed on top of the tooth structure or implants. Most broadly speaking, they deliver better retention and function in comparison to regular dentures which may require refitting after being in use for a certain period.

Overdentures help reduce shrinking of the jawbone and maintain the stability of dentures. They are especially beneficial for patients who struggle with dental conditions such as cleft palate, Class III occlusion, oligodontia, or cleidocranial dysostosis.

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Implant supported overdentures are placed over X dental implants which provide support for the overdenture. The  implants can then be connected with a metal bar or individually restored using the attachment that will be fitted into the overdenture.  


Tooth supported overdenture can be placed over healthy teeth, in which case there will be no need for tooth extraction. In most cases, the canine teeth are chosen for support. Next, the dentist connects the natural teeth with a metal bar or keeps them as individuals, placing an attachment over the tooth or bar which fits into the overdenture base. Tooth supported overdentures are appropriate for both upper and lower jaws.


An overdenture is an adequate solution for patients who have lost their teeth and are looking to regain the quality of life. Some of the main benefits of overdentures include:

  • Better digestion. Being more stable than regular dentures that are held by adhesives, overdentures allow more efficient chewing which, as a result, helps the stomach break down the food. 
  • Jaw bone stimulation. Both tooth and implant overdenture stimulate the jawbone while chewing. As a result, bone loss will be reduced, which otherwise occurs naturally when certain teeth are missing. 
  • Retention of facial features. By limiting bone loss, natural facial features are preserved. 
  • Comfort. Because an overdenture fits the jaw more securely, the person wearing it feels greater confidence while eating and talking.

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We are equipped with high-end equipment provided by international leaders in the dental industry. In addition to the cutting-edge technological solutions, we rely on using only first-class materials to fabricate the dental products that you require for your patients. We are insured and all of our materials are TGA and FDA approved. Contact Oceanic Dental Lab to find out more about the materials we use to fabricate quality overdentures. Our lab technicians are ready to discuss your patient’s specific case and will inquire about the details so that we collect enough information to create the most adequate overdenture.