Dentures/Removable Prosthodontics

Removable Prosthodontics/Dentures

Removable Prosthodontics, or dentures as they are more commonly known, is an area that focuses on maintaining oral functions using an artificial appliance to restore full function and aesthetics.

Prosthodontic appliances are an attractive and comprehensive solution for patients because of their fit, comfort, function and low cost in improving their oral status.  At Oceanic Dental Laboratory we want to provide the most affordable yet high quality denture to your patients.

Specialising in Valplast® dentures and chrome dentures, Oceanic Dental Laboratory is your cost effective solution.  We produce high quality removable prosthetic appliances utilising Ivoclar denture teeth with Vertex or Valplast® materials.

Get in contact with us to work out the most effective way to treat your patient using a combination of retention technologies.

Need an affordable prosthetic solution? We can support GAP-less service providers with high-quality Valplast® and chrome dentures.

Removable Prosthodontics

Partial Denture Frameworks

  • Wirobond 280C, Titanium (light weight) , Argenco 52 alloy options
  • Attachments available to integrate with implant fixtures
  • Retentive frameworks for partial denture solutions
  • Customisable with attachments where required
  • Customisable with Ivoclar denture teeth
  • Cold Cured Vertex Acrylic supported by metal structure
  • Valplast® material supported by metal structure

Partial Denture

  • Retention is built into palatal and lingual surfaces to increase retention.
  • Customisable with Ivoclar denture teeth
  • Vertex Heat Cured Acrylic
  • Wire Clasps added to create retention where required
  • Repairable

Flexible Dentures

  • Suited for complete and partial denture designs
  • Can be combined with chrome cast partial dentures to have anterior clasp-less retention
  • Create retention with springy  Genuine Valplast® material
  • Clasp-less design for best aesthetics

Complete Dentures

  • Vertex Heat Cured Acrylic for excellent strength
  • Customisable with Ivoclar denture teeth
  • Repairable

Denture Relines

  • Essential maintenance for any denture product. Relining a denture maintains patient comfort and retention
  • Extends the life of the denture
  • Should be assessed every 6 – 12 months to optimise the life of the prosthetic
  • Fast turnaround service available

Denture Repairs

  • Dropped or cracked dentures are repaired quickly at Oceanic Dental

Custom Trays

  • Custom trays can be fabricated to any specification


  • Standard and Professional sports guards custom made for optimum fit, performance, and protection.


  • Bleaching tray
  • Orthodontic retainers
  • Composite stents