Oceanic Dental Laboratory is a national service provider. We use Toll overnight priority to ensure your work is collected and delivered without hassle and on the quickest service possible.


We provide a local pickup service free of charge for dental practices within 20km from our laboratory.
There are also many courier services available to get your work to us. Any services that provides a next day service to the metropolitan areas is suitable send your work to us.

Toll Priority provides an excellent and affordable way to send your case to us. Satchels can be purchased directly from Toll, this is an ideal and convenient way to get your cases to us.


Oceanic Dental Laboratory is ready to help you with your digital workflow. We are a leader in digital technology for the dental industry. We are a full-service laboratory that can connect with partnering dentists across all major digital platforms.

Please call us on 1300 792 990 send an email to or select your platform below and follow the “how to connect” guide.

  • > Trios 3shape
  • > Medit
  • > Itero
  • > Sirona Cerec
  • > Care stream

If your platform is not listed, please call the laboratory so we can help you.


When taking intra oral images its advisable to take the following images.

  • Facial smile to highlight smile line and lip line.

  • Facial with lip retraction and edge to edge shade tab, using multiple tabs is preferred as it helps find reference. Edge to edge tab images against the centrals and laterals.

  • A facial close up is also helpful if using a macro lens

  • Full smile portrait to show midline, smile line, lip line, incisal and horizontal plane.

  • Stump shades are also required with all ceramic restorations.

Please contact us directly on 1300 792 990 for tips and trips so you can get the most out of your digital camera.


Wherever possible we strive to ensure our service is delivered in a timely and efficient manner. However, factors beyond our control can influence our ability to do this. If we require further technical information or have problems to discuss with any particular case we may need to adjust expected delivery times. Prescribing dentists being available to discuss laboratory concerns as well as completing the relevant section on the lab order form will greatly reduce any delays.

As a general rule, please allow 10 working days between patients appointments. Extra time may be required for complicated cases and implant cases where specific components needs to be ordered.


Oceanic Dental Laboratory is available to take your phone call or respond to your email regarding any technical matter.  With over 20 years of technical knowledge, continuous upskilling, and education we are here to help.

Please give the laboratory a call so you can talk directly with one of our friendly technicians.