Sirona Connect Dental Laboratory

Sirona Connect Dentist

The Sirona Connect Advantage

Digital dentistry has definite advantages over conventional services. Virtual dental impressions result in accurate, better fitting restorations. The use of digital scanning and software has also enhanced the communication between dental professionals and the laboratory technicians creating your products. Many professionals choose to work through Sirona Connect and send their files to an accredited Sirona Connect Lab. Practitioners who want competitive rates and a technologically advanced milling centre rely on Oceanic Dental Labs.

The Sirona Connect Digital 3D Model

Sirona Connect is a software and connection portal that simplifies technical processes. Using an intraoral camera, the patient’s mouth is scanned. The Sirona software calculates the 3D model in seconds. The dentist verifies the digital model, completes the order form and transfers the data directly to our lab through the Sirona portal.

The Benefits of Sirona Connect for the Authorized Lab

Working through Sirona Connect allows our lab to work with any dental office with the capacity to transmit a Sirona file. Working through the Sirona portal has several advantages for a participating laboratory. Some of those advantages include:

  • Ability to work with your dental office as a restoration team
  • Digital data transmission is more precise than conventional moulds
  • Faster turn-around time, no waiting for moulds to ship
  • The production process is more hygienic than handling impression trays
  • Our lab has direct contact with the practitioner during the patient consultation

Computer-aided design(CAD) and computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM), benefits your patients. Sirona Connect allows you to work directly with us, providing the best possible products for your patients. When you need laboratory services contact Oceanic Dental Labs for quality, competitively priced products and efficient service.

The Benefits of Sirona Connect in Your Practice

Sirona Connect enhances the communication process between your office and our lab. With the Sirona system, your data model is transferred in seconds. Most often, the first consultation between you and your authorised lab can be done while you still have the patient in your office. This is a definite advantage over conventional dental impressions. Through Sirona Connect you will receive immediate feedback from our lab and eliminate any risk of an order delay or time-consuming corrections. There are many advantages for dental offices using Sirona Connect. Those benefits include:

  • The software is easy to use
  • Patients appreciate the latest in technological advances
  • Increased patient satisfaction as accurate results are guaranteed
  • A two-way communication system to an authorised lab
  • Real-time consultations with lab technicians about prosthetic options
  • Integrates with CEREC intraoral cameras