Talon Occlusal Splints

Talon Occlusal Splint: A Must-Have Treatment Option for Every Dental Practice

According to the Glossary of Prosthodontic Terms [8th ed.], “occlusal splint is defined as any removable artificial occlusal surface used for diagnosis or therapy affecting the relationship of the mandible to the maxilla. It may be used for occlusal stabilization, for treatment of temporomandibular disorders, or to prevent wear of the dentition.”

TMJ dysfunction or temporomandibular disorder is a broad term used to describe the pain and abnormal functioning of the muscles of mastication and the muscles that are responsible for temporomandibular joint function. This can happen as a result of blow on the joint area or face, malaligned teeth, inflammatory or degenerative arthritis or due to parafunctional activity like bruxism.

Bruxism is the habit of involuntary grinding and clenching of teeth specifically during sleep. As it happens without the knowledge of the patient, it is difficult to diagnose in the initial stage. This habit can play havoc with the entire stomatognathic system as the side effects are plenty like headache, muscle soreness, heavy attrition of teeth resulting in sensitivity and so on.

Occlusal splints, the sure-shot solution for this problem, work by achieving occlusal stabilization. It is basically, the technique of equalizing the tooth contacts on the occlusal aspect so that there is no tooth movement once the mandible is in the state of closure. That is why, occlusal stabilization is essential for the teeth, TMJ and the jaw muscles to function optimally. The main objective of using an occlusal splint is to guard the TMJ discs against traumatic or excessive forces that can perforate or even displace the discs permanently. The primary focus is on achieving a stable occlusion so that there is an improvement in muscle function and any pain related to the condition is also alleviated.

Talon Occlusal Splints: Why are they a class apart?

As a matter of fact, occlusal splint therapy is considered as the safest, extremely effective and non-invasive treatment modality to cure or relieve TMJ dysfunction. Oceanic Dental laboratory takes pride in providing to the partner dentists one of the most innovative technology in splint therapy: Talon occlusal splints.

Talon occlusal splints are made of a unique thermoplastic material with an exquisite combination of properties like flexibility and durability. As the material is soft and flexible it offers great comfort and snug fit to the patient. Here are some more reasons why we consider Talon occlusal splints as the most preferred option-

  1. 1. No Leaching– There is no leaching of plasticizers from the splints into the oral cavity. This property ensures that the material does not undergo deterioration and guarantees longevity to the appliance.
  2. 2. Shape memory– The material has a property of shape memory which means that it can revert to its original shape even after undergoing plastic deformation.
  3. Enhanced retention– Talon occlusal splints become soft when immersed in warm water. This flexibility is extremely handy while inserting the splint in the patient’s mouth. During insertion, the softened splint flows into the undercuts thereby enhancing the retention of the appliance. As the material cools, it hardens to ensure a good fit. Talon occlusal splints eliminate the use of clasps for retention.
  4. Superior wear resistance– This material has high wear resistance similar to that of the hard acrylic surface.
  5. 5. Versatile– Another important feature of this material is that it has a wide range of utility. It can be used for any design of splints. Hence, it can be considered as an ideal treatment option for bruxism, orthodontic stabilization or TMJ dysfunction.
  6. No warping– There is almost negligible warping and the Talon occlusal splints maintain their flexibility for years together.

Talon thermoplastic material has been laboratory tested extensively and has yielded outstanding results. That is why it has become the most desirable choice of material for splint therapy. Being the leading Australian laboratory provider with high-end technology and top-notch quality service, Oceanic Dental Laboratory ensures to keep itself abreast with the latest innovations in the world of dentistry.

So, if you are looking for splints that fit comfortably and function hassle-free, Talon occlusal splints are all you need. Contact our experts at Oceanic Dental Laboratory to learn more.