Trios Certified Dental Laboratory

trios certified dentist

If you’re considering using 3Shape Trios – or just want to hear more about it – then you may be interested to know about the impressive benefits of this new technology. From soothing patients to making your job much easier, there are all kinds of reasons to choose Trios. Here are a few answers to your common questions.

What does it mean to be a Trios certified dental lab?

Working with a Trios certified dental lab means that you are fully ready to use 3Shape Trios, meaning that you can receive and handle digital impressions of patients’ teeth. The popularity of digital labs is growing for a number of reasons, as we will explore.

Having that Trios certification means that the lab is officially recognised and trained to use the software and can be relied upon for quality. It is listed on the Trios website and also receives a certificate. We are proud to have this certification ourselves, and the extra level of professionalism it brings to our established business.

Benefits of using 3Shape Trios

As you can already see, there are plenty of benefits to the 3Shape Trios system. They include the following:

  • Higher quality digital impressions
  • Faster than traditional methods
  • Interfaces with other applications
  • More trustworthy for patients
  • Less stress for patients as procedure is less intrusive
  • No mess
  • Improves referrals from impressed patients
  • No need for adjustments thanks to accuracy
  • Encourages extra procedures
  • Enhances communication between dentist and lab

With so many benefits, it’s clear that 3Shape Trios is leading the digital revolution for dentistry. That’s why we’re committed to accepting images from our clients, and are happy to start taking Trios impression data from dentists who are new to our lab services.

If you would like to know any more information on 3Shape Trios please contact us today.

Purpose of using 3Shape Trios

You are able to capture over 3,000 2-D images per second with the scanner, and then send them off to our lab digitally and immediately. We are able to accept those images for you in our dental lab thanks to our accreditation from Trios, which gives our experience with this system official recognition.

This allows for high-quality restorations and also cuts down on the amount of time needed to put them together, which is great for both dentists and patients. It also helps us to expedite any data services you require from us.

The 3Shape Trios replaces the traditional gooey plastic mess of PVS that would normally be used to take impressions. This is one of the great advantages that many dentists find when using the system.